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This fitting includes measurement and testing of existing driver, testing across various combinations of heads and shafts to ascertain demonstrated improvement in distance and feel.  Adjustments include:  driver head styles (2), lofts (6 per head style), face angle (from a true 2* open to 2* closed), lie (from 2* upright to 2* flat), different shaft weights (45, 55, 65 and 75 grams), multiple shafts in each weight category and multiple kick points (high, mid & low) in each weight category, custom length, balance and grip.

If a golfer is well fit for their driver the carry distance will be 2.6 times their clubhead speed, thus a golfer with 100 mph clubhead speed should have a carry distance of 260 yards for well struck drives.  A well struck drive includes a 6 degree positive attack angle, center hit (1.5 transfer ratio) and good path and face angle at impact.  The well fit driver head will contribute the 10 degree effective loft and the roughly 2,000 rpm spin rate.  The well fit driver shaft will optimize distance via the optimal feel, flex and weight.

At the conclusion, based on the results, our customer has the choice of purchasing the exact driver combination that achieved the optimum results, i.e. that exact head and shaft.  Staying true to the adage that we have always believed based on the repeated frustration that our customers relay concerning the performance of what they bought versus how the demo performed - "If you hit a demo driver well, you had better purchase the golf club that you were hitting, not one that looks like it!"
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